A leader cares…

As I was cleaning my home desk, I found a piece of paper with scribbles on it. The scribbles were about a topic that is often on my mind “Leadership”. This is what my scribbles said, with some edits. A leader cares, about the project, the company, the costs, the cause and the team. A leader cares, about the empowerment of the team members to own their tasks, about making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. A leader takes risks but also carefully analyses the risks that they are taking. A leader trusts the team but also cares enough to make formal reviews when needed. A leader can see into the individuality of each team member and can intuitively marry up the tasks by passion and interest. A leader who is more considered about their ego than his team is a reason for concern and questioning if that he/she is truly a leader.

What are the main traits for a leader in your opinion?