Come with us to Kilimanjaro

How long is your bucket list? Mine is fairly long. I am about to kick one item off of my bucket list :) and thought I would share my next adventure in case you are interested or know anyone who would like to start the new year in such a phenomenal way! My next trip is to Kilimanjaro. I am going with a group of adventurers to raise funds for the PCRF. We will be on the summit on 1.1.2015. We are so looking forward to this adventure! If you would like to join us or know anyone else who does, please check this  site that has the information about the climb, PCRF, a Q&A page and a link to the registration form

The climb is going to be 26 Dec – 2 Jan 2015. The summit day is going to be on 1.1.2015 which is a great way to start the year! Check the site for information about the cause, the fundraising and the tour company.

So what do you say, start the new year on top of Africa and help heal children, who can say no to that? :)




Innovating Women: Past, Present & Future

IMG_2561There’s a movement afoot to get more women into the business of innovation. I’m part of that movement, I want to let you know about a project I’m involved with — and let you know how you can get involved.

Innovating Women: Past, Present & Future is a book designed to encourage, inspire, and educate more women in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) and other innovation fields.  Innovating Women is a unique movement to crowd-create a book that will feature hundreds of stories and perspectives of everyday women working in the innovation economy.  Telling the stories about women’s challenges, successes, and experiences in these fields is an important step for change.  By educating our greater community, industry leaders, and policy influencers, we can all help make this happen.

As part of my commitment to Innovating Women, I have agreed to share my story and help raise funds to make this book a reality.  Beyond book production expenses, all proceeds from the campaign and book sales will go toward programs at Singularity University to educate women about advancing technologies and support their startups.  Google for Entrepreneurs has also agreed to match what we raise on Indiegogo up to $50,000 for these women’s programs.

Please join me and support our campaign. Here is the Indiegogo and here is where women can sign up to be coauthors:

Thank you!