Tim Cook emails employees to reflect on third anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death

Steve Jobs has died and it has been three years but his legacy will forever live on. He has changed the world that we live in and he has changed the way I spend my day and the way that my 75 year old aunt spends her day. It is very rare that a human being will be lucky enough to touch the lives of millions and millions of people. His Standford commencement address lives with me. It makes me wonder how to better live my life. I feel the faintest slither of pride that this man shares my home country Syria. Even though I despise his father, probably as much as he did, one cannot deny that Syria is where he hailed from. But it also makes me wonder, if his success had anything to do with his origin and the life that he lived as a child. It probably has everything to do with that. Some people say we are a by product of our circumstances. Others say we are a byproduct of our choices. I say we are a byproduct of both. But which one takes a higher rank? It is a complicated equation. We are bound to figure it out one day.


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