“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it” -George Elliston

We often underestimate the impact of our actions, big or small, in the eyes of the receiving person. And today I was the lucky receiver of a super sweet act of kindness. If you follow my blog you would know that I LOVE to travel. But you may not know that I have dedicated this year as my “travel year”. And the reason why you would not know, is simply because I have not yet blogged about it – but that is a whole other story. Anyway, back to kindness and travel. So I am now in Nassau, the islands of the Bahamas. And I should say that I am grateful to God and everything that has happened in my life (good and bad) that resulted in me visiting this beautiful place. Pristine waters, white sands, green all around you, kind people, beauty… it is just great. But what makes it even greater is that I was able to get there given that I hold a Syrian passport which does not exactly make travel all that easy.

I keep going on a tangent – back to kindness! So I arrived yesterday in Nassau and today was my exploration day. I heard to Paradise island and I thought well, that an enough tempting name… I should go there. I hopped on the water taxi and enjoyed the waves, the breeze, the ships docked in the ports and less than twenty minutes later we arrived in Paradise. I walked to the famous Atlantis resort that has many many many facilities and adventures, could not participate in any as I was visiting in the latter part of the day and it would not have been a wise investment. I walked out and through the touristic town with beautiful colorful little shops. I stopped at one that caught my attention. It was a modern straw shop. You see the Bahamas is know for their straw artwork. And this was a shop that used an ancient craft to fulfill the modern lifestyle which would automatically attract the tourists and feed the economy. Building on the national and local tradition to revive a country’s economy and protect its identity has always interested me. I was intrigued.I went in an looked around. Everything was so thoughtfully done and unique although a bit pricy, which is kind of understandable given that the shop is located on an island called “Paradise” where you have houses for people like Opera Winfrey, Tom Cruise, and the like! They also had a toiletry section of colorful soap and Aloe Vera and Neem creams. Given my lifelong battle with acne, acne scars and problem skin, I started asking question about this cream to see if it could be the cure and end to my skin struggle. The lady managing the shop explained the plants so knowledgeably but I continued to hesitate and could not make the decision to buy fearing some kind of adverse reaction. The lady then went to the shelf, grabbed a bottle, put it in bag and said, here it is from me to you. And I said what do you mean. She said: “I’m buying it for you, try it and if you don’t like it, let us know”. I told her what if I do not come back, I need to pay you. She said: “No you don’t. Happy holidays!”. I was shocked and out of words. Why would you buy something for a complete stranger. She knows that this is a tourist place and I may never be back, so I am not going to be a returning customer. It was a simple and genuine act of kindness. And it made my day. And even may be my stay! And now I feel like I want to go and buy something from her. She probably did not know that her act of kindness is going to have this great an impact…. And that is what we need to keep reminding ourselves – simple act of kindness can go a long way!